Measure What Matters, LLC

Mindful Executive Coaching


Create opportunities in your personal and professional life by becoming more resourceful.

Gain skills in prioritizing, decision making and goal setting.

Focus your energy and actions on what authentically matters to you.

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Catalyze sustainable cultural change that promotes creativity and innovation.

Measure what matters most to your organization to cultivate fertile ground for efficient productivity.

Amplify awareness of systems thinking and bridge cross-cultural gaps.

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Business Owners

Establish solid infrastructure to run a profitable business while successfully integrating your personal and professional life.

Align your Marketing Strategy to your company mission, insuring that your time and investment effectively engage your ideal clients.

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Facilitating learning, growth and development in the evidence-based areas of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Myers-Briggs Assessment
  • Positive Psychology
  • Immunity to Change
  • Mindfulness
  • ICF Mentor Coaching

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Testimonial1Alyson‘s wisdom is beyond measure. Her insightful questions stimulate me to see fresh and expansive ways to meet my objectives. Her approach increases my creative energy and confidence to achieve what really matters to me.”

Laurie Curtis – Augusta, Maine

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To provide high quality professional coaching, that propels clients to move forward in personal and professional life to new levels of satisfaction and productivity by measuring what matters most of the whole person and that of organizational culture, harnessing authentic full potential.

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