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Measure What Matters founder, Alyson Jane McEvoy is an inspiring international coach that is passionate about lasting positive change and transformation.

She helps clients lead more fulfilling and productive lives, both professional and personal, by powerfully reconnecting people with their own unique talents and innate combination of core values. Living aligned with ones values, and focusing on ones strengths, leads one to more creativity and to the resources necessary to reach your vision.

She prioritizes self care; physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and relational health in her SPIT FIRE™ method of measuring what matters. Her playful mind-body connection activities ignite your authentic fire within.

She encourages everyone to “first put on their own oxygen mask” in order to achieve personal well being. You become more equipped to inspire and engage yourself, other individuals, teams and organizations to achieve shared goals. This contributes to creating an environment that cultivates innovation.

Are your, your family, your organizations’ values fully integrated in your best practices and behavioral culture. Are they fully aligned with your mission?

Alyson helps you gain more clarity within systems thinking which empowers you to make the desired change. We are all products of our society; global, national, local, organizational and familial. How does this influence your daily decisions? Claim your original point of view and allow your agenda to drive your and your teams’ actions.

Become more aware and confident that the footprint you’re making propels your peers and is the legacy you truly desire to give to future generations.

Life Coach, Executive Coach, Business Coach, Transition, Transformation, Cross-Cultural Change

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About Alyson Jane McEvoy

Alyson Jane McEvoy

Alyson Jane McEvoy Solution-Based Executive Coach and Life Strategy Coach combines expertise in leadership development, change management, positive psychology and cross-cultural communication to move clients forward in transitions.

Certified Executive Coach

Founder: Measure What Matters, LLC, Certified International Executive Coach

She holds a graduate degree in Business Management Administration (D.U.T.) from the Université de Metz, France. While interning at the European Parliament, she played basketball for the National team of Luxembourg. She studied French language and history in Paris at the Sorbonne. Her B.A. in foreign languages, with minors in political science and psychology is from Gordon College in MA.

A linguist, her enthusiasm for cross-cultural understanding lead her to live and work several years in Brazil, France, Germany and Russia. While living abroad Alyson was involved in supporting children through various UNICEF projects.

She approaches coaching with 18 years of successfully growing results in corporate Management. Her experience in International Merchandising and Distribution Strategy in the Fashion and Sports Marketing industries comes via these positions, managing teams of up to 20+: Senior International Manager at Donna Karan DKNY, NY, NY; Vice President of Marketing at Koch-Tavares, São Paulo, Brasil; Senior Director of Merchandising and Sales at Puma, NA.

Alyson is also certified in a selective assortment of coaching, assessment and training tools and technologies for practical application. Overriding the Immunity to Change (ITC®), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Planning (Linkage®), Positive Psychology Coach (Wholebeing Institute®) Best Year Yet® Coach, Wellness Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition®), Boston University Professional Coach Training Program, Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher (LYYD®)

Alyson’s current work draws from her coaching skills and her extensive leadership development in global organizations. She supports both personal and organizational growth by identifying authentic opportunity and overcoming challenges. She focuses on strengths and aligning actions with her client’s unique talents, core values and mission which breed creativity. She helps create innovative balanced life-work environments supported by interesting mind-body connection activities for effective stress management. Her clients become more aware and confident that the footprint they choose to make propels peers and is the legacy they truly desire to give future generations.


Certified ACC Coach from the International Coach Federation – Completed hundreds of hours of paid coaching and Mentor Coaching in compliance with the Certification Requirements. I am pledged to honor the ICF Code of Ethics.

Official ITC Facilitator, Overcoming the Immunity to Change from Minds at Work – Completed this amazing positive psychology work at Harvard with Dr. Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey.

Certified Practitioner Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® from CPP, Inc. – This personality indicator stemming from Carl Jung, provides tremendous insight to everyone seeking more self awareness. Understand why you and others operate the way you do. Manage yourself better and master your unique communication style.

Certified Coach from “Best Year Yet” – Become a master at producing results. Get clear on what matters most to you. Know your plan. Your new paradigm will motivate you to accomplish more with peace and ease.

Positive Psychology Coach, Evidence-based Coaching from Wholebeing Institute

Certified Yoga Dance Teacher LYYD Yoga Dance – Spread joy and consciousness through improving body, soul, brain and heart health. Completed at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Certified in leadership development: Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Thinking at Linkage, Inc.

Health and Wellness Coach at Institute for Integrative Nutrition

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